Middle School Literature & Composition Description

This literature class will read various classic texts: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, novels, short stories, fables, and folk tales. Examples could include The Holy Bible, The Chronicles of Narnia, A Christmas Carol, Shel Silverstein's poetry, and The Phantom Tollbooth--to name a few. The class will focus on comprehension skills and basic literary analysis to include the following: character development, plot structures, setting, and themes, along with the author's and the book's worldview. Comprehension quizzes will be given regularly, along with class discussions of the literary elements. Students will also use movies and live plays to compare/contrast with the literature. Students will use the analysis to write papers. Students can expect 1-2 one-paragraph assignments and 1 three to five-paragraph assignment each quarter. These papers will consist of character and setting analysis, theme development, critiques, and basic book reports. Students should have access to the Internet and a word processing program. Rubrics will be used to grade class discussions and writing assignments. Daily warm-ups will include grammar practice and vocabulary study to enhance students' understanding of the literature and fine-tune writing skills.

Textbooks and Supplies

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary D Schmidt A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis The Bible-any version The Phantom Tollbooth-A Children's Play in 2 Acts ISBN 978-0-573-65096-3 The Last Battle by CS Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) Supplies: • Access to computer, printer, and internet • Binder • Loose-leaf paper, white 8 ½ x 11 notebook paper (for writing and note-taking in class) • Pencil, blue or black ink • Colored pencils • Posterboard (will be announced in advance if necessary) • High-lighter (Any color) • Dry erase markers


Elementary Language Arts, MS Writing, or adequate completion of the KEYS English placement evaluation

Class Information

Parents are responsible for purchasing all textbooks and supplies before the first day of class.

Supply fees are due to each teacher on the first day of class. This fee covers materials, lab supplies, and other expenses incurred by the teacher. They are a one-time fee.

Please note the grade level for this class. Students younger than the recommended grade levels need special permission before signing up for the class. Please contact the office for more information.

What happens if a class is full? You may email administration@keysofva.org to be waitlisted.

  • Category: Academics
  • Subject: English
  • Days: Tue, Thur
  • Times: 12:30 pm-1:25 pm
  • Grade Level: 7-8
  • Teacher: Ruth Cline
  • Monthly Tuition: $57
  • Supply Fee: $25