Guy Kinney, Ph. D.


Dr. Kinney holds the Doctorate of Philosophy, the Juris Doctorate, Master of Theology, Master of Science in Education, and Bachelor of Science in Music Education. He is also a Board Certified Christian Counselor. Holding an ACSI Administrative Certification at all levels, Dr. Kinney has 37 years of experience teaching foreign languages (Spanish and German) and music in public and private Christian schools. He was also Head of School in a Christian school in New York State. In addition, Dr. Kinney is an Ordained Baptist Pastor and pastored Ithaca Baptist and Faith Bible Fellowship in NYS. He also has extensive experience as a professional French horn player in symphony orchestras and was the Executive Director of Csehy Summer School of Music for 15 years. Finally, he has great experience as a published writer, having published two books on education and numerous articles on education, foreign language, music, and religion.

Classes Taught

Spanish I, Spanish II A, Spanish II B, Spanish III/IV