Meghan Melton

American Lit & Comp, British Lit & Comp, Writing for College

Meghan Melton holds a B.A. in Russian and an M.A. in Teaching from the University of Virginia. She also has an M.A. in English from Old Dominion University. Her teaching experience is unique in its breadth - teaching college courses in Russian, composition, rhetoric, and literature at a Kentucky state prison, the United States Naval Academy, KEYS, Old Dominion University, Norfolk Christian, and around her kitchen table. Her area of expertise lies in college composition and Russian and British literature. God has given her a passion for teaching, not just teaching the mind of her students but teaching their hearts as they navigate the world of critical thinking, college-level writing, current American culture, and God’s will for their lives. She views her classes in English and Russian as a means to an end - to educate and mentor the next generation of Christ-followers. She lives at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and enjoys long walks with friends and family on the boardwalk. She is married to Wade, a military analyst, and has two children who attended KEYS. In her spare time, she plays with her Goldendoodle, Dixie, and watches her climbing roses bloom in the summer.

Classes Taught

American Literature & Composition, British Literature & Composition, Writing for College