HS English I A Description

High School English I is the foundation for all other high school English classes. It is a complete high school class that includes grammar, writing, and literature. The focus of the class is developing writing skills and analytical thinking so that students will flourish in their future classes. Grammar will be an integral part of each week's lesson. Lessons learned in grammar will be required in students' personal writings. This class will cover 8 major writing assignments using the Institute for Excellence in Writing approach to structure and style. Building from a basic essay model, students will construct descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and argumentative essays. Students will also write in response to literature, including a literary critique and a literary analysis. While working on a research paper, students will learn MLA9 format, including incorporating in-text citations and creating a works cited page. With a high school pace, students should expect to write 2-3 paragraphs a week and produce one rough and final draft each month. Throughout the year, students will be conducting research, reading quality literature, and interacting with model texts. Students will read and annotate a variety of nonfiction, short stories, poetry, and a novel. They will be taught to analyze literary elements and see how they contribute to the purpose, themes, and message behind each work. Literary works will often be contrasted with scripture on similar themes to provide perspective. Students will also be expected to present their work and to participate in class discussions. Writing Assignments: 1) Basic Essay 2) Research Paper 3) Persuasive Essay 4) Descriptive Essay 5) Narrative Essay 6) Compare/Contrast Essay 7) Literary Critique 8) Literary Analysis 8) Argumentative Essay and Presentation

Textbooks and Supplies

IEW Structure and Style for Students Level C Year 1
Student Packet
ISBN-13: 9781623415112

Fix-it Grammar Level 5
Student Book
ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-62341-365-1

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee ISBN-13: 9780060935467

A Bible that students can annotate

Under Class Details, see the Class Attachment for textbook pictures.

Access to Google Drive
Binder with tabs
Sheet protectors
Loose-leaf paper


A or B from a KEYS Middle School English class or adequate completion of the KEYS English placement evaluation

Class Information

Parents are responsible for purchasing all textbooks and supplies before the first day of class.

KEYS will invoice supply fees at the time of registration and class selection. This fee covers materials, lab supplies, and other expenses incurred by the teacher. It is a one-time fee, transferable until August, but non-refundable.

Please note the grade level for this class. Students younger than the recommended grade levels need special permission before signing up for the class. Please contact the office for more information.

What happens if a class is full? You may email administration@keysofva.org to be waitlisted.

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