Journalism Description

Journalism is an introductory course for students with little to no experience, but who have shown an interest in writing, news, politics, and/or public speaking. The objectives of the class are to familiarize young people with the basic principles of journalism and provide them with opportunities to practice effective, moral, and ethical written and verbal communication. Students will learn to compare and contrast balanced vs. biased news articles, practice writing both news and lifestyle content, develop effective research and interviewing skills, practice public speaking, improve writing skills, tell a story through photos/video, and most importantly, learn the Biblical approach to journalism. Students will contribute to a class newspaper with topics on things going on at KEYS or in their churches and local communities.

Textbooks and Supplies

Journalism Basics: An Introduction to Print Journalism, By Megan L. Horst & Karin Viet, 10-digit ISBN: 1974208168

Associated Press Style Guide a Quick Study Laminated Reference, 10-digit ISBN: 1423241711

1-inch 3-ring binder (with a pocket) for worksheets
1 spiral or composition notebook for class notes
1 stenographer notepad for interviewing
pens of any color other than black


HS English I

Class Information

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  • Category: Academics
  • Subject: Electives
  • Days: Tue, Thur
  • Times: 2:30 pm-3:25 pm
  • Grade Level: 10-12
  • Teacher:
  • Monthly Tuition: $57
  • Supply Fee: $50 to cover the cost of teaching supplies, as well as the online newspaper design program and the cost of printing