American Literature & Composition Description

In this course, students will read literary works written in the literary Colonial Age through the Modern Age. They will learn or refresh their understanding of literary lenses and terms. Students will use the terms and lenses to analyze the literature covered in class. Students will also apply the lessons to several quizzes per book, writing assignments, reflections, and discussions. Students will be expected to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the literature we read in class and then use it in any literature they read in the future. Students will also demonstrate higher-level comparisons of the secular and Christian worldviews by analyzing the works with literature-specific lenses in their essays and other written assignments. By the end of the school year, students should be able to identify literary lenses, themes, rise and fall of action, and offer in-depth analyses of literature. For the composition aspect, students will write several formal essays that demonstrate their understanding of the literature and topics discussed over the course of the year. For this subject, students are expected to have high school-level writing skills to succeed in class. The papers will span from expository to research papers. We will discuss the types of essays when one is assigned, but students should have at least a beginning understanding of the essay types ahead of time. Students will use the MLA writing style for formal essays. The quizzes will primarily have essay questions so that the students will frequently be writing in class. The reflections will also have a composition component. Participation is crucial in this class as it will help each student learn from many points of view and grow as a reader.

Textbooks and Supplies

The book list will be emailed to parents and students before the start of class in time to order the needed literature.

Notebook for notes and quizzes, any color pen or pencil (black pen or pencil required for quizzes), access to a computer and printer for writing assignments, Microsoft Word (2018 or later).


High School English I, or adequate completion of the KEYS English placement evaluation

Class Information

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